[mythtv-users] IR Blaster and Channel change script for Myth TV

Ramanraj Vamsi ramanrajvamsi at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 05:32:59 UTC 2006


I did set up IR Blaster for my Myth TV .I followed
www.blushingpenguin.com/mark/blog/  and almost succeeded in getting my
remote work.I am able to change the channels and navigate through with my IR
Hauppauge remote.But I am failing to get the Channel Change script
working.It is giving a message like "unknown Remote" while passing a command
through shell.
I am using HUMAX ND-1000C DVB for which I have n't found the right code set
to use !
But I when I pressed keys on remote while running irw ..it worked.Then I put
lircrc file in /home/mythtv to test whether I can make this remote work with
Myth TV......it worked!
But the channel change script hadn't worked...it given me a message while
running commands through console like.."Unknown Remote IR Blaster"
When I tried to come out with a solution for this through this list,I got
a  reply that I am using  a wrong lircrc.conf file,so I did changed that
config file with one available in the blog
www.blushingpenguin.com/mark/blogI followed .But still can't get rid
off this issue.

I just want to make this happen so that I can schedule recordings on the
channel number I wish .

Please let me know if any body got succeeded in getting the IR Remote work
with the build and blog I followed.

My Build :

Suse linux 10.0
Hauppauge PVR 150

Thank you,
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