[mythtv-users] Slow DB with large Previous Recordings

Ben Curtis mythtv at nosolutions.com
Fri Sep 8 04:19:30 UTC 2006

> Go to the page and press "2" then for each series that you won't
> record ever again, choose the delete all button. News, SportsCenter,
> Manual Records can all be blown away because they will never be
> repeat episodes. The only things you need to keep are series that
> you still record and movies or shows that will match your search
> rules. You should be able to cut this down by 80% - 90% in a matter
> of minutes to shrink it from a billion to a couple hundred million.

This did help, though pulling up the finder was still dog slow.

> Specifically, optimize_mythdb.pl (and I recommend setting it up to run
> in a daily cron job as described in the comments at the top of the
> script).

Now this helped, a LOT.  It spent a bunch of time on the programs table,
and now the finder and guide come up pretty quick.

> Yes. That's less than 1MiB (991.5kiB). So, what's taking up all the space:
> So, nearly all of the space is in my recordedmarkup and recordedseek
> tables

Good find, but I don't think these tables will effect UI slowness for the
guide or finder.  From what I understand, they're only used when doing
something specific with a recording, and not selected from otherwise. 
Another note is that in my experience, when comparing a table of nothing
but integers that is a thousand times larger than another table of
strings, the one with integers will rarely be the bottleneck.

Looks like the optimize script was the winner, thanks for pointing that
out to me!  And thanks everyone else for your responses.


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