[mythtv-users] KnoppMyth / 0.19 / HDTV / Seek Problems / Database Okay / mythcommflag --rebuild broken?

Jared Valentine hidden at xmission.com
Fri Sep 8 03:56:59 UTC 2006

Hi All:  

So, I'm a couple of months into my MythTV experience and wanted to bounce
this off the group before logging this as a potential bug.

I'm currently running KnoppMyth release R5C7 (0.19).  The Master Backend is
a Dual Pentium D 820 w/ a gig of RAM, recent SATA Hard Drive, a pcHDTV-3000,
and an AverMedia A180.  Both cards work great, I can have multiple shows
recording, while playing back from a remote front end.  Things, for the most
part, are working very well.

I've ran into the problem previously (and recently) where the mysql database
corrupts, and new recordings don't have a decent seek table.  I've seen (and
followed) the instructions to stop mythtv-backend, stop mysql, run the
database repair, restart the services, and now new recordings work great.
However, where I'm having trouble is fixing the seek tables for shows
recorded during the corruption.  Mythcommflag --rebuild --file filename.mpg
runs okay, but when I go back to watch that show, the OSD times are wrong,
and I can't ff/rw.  The crazy thing is that the seek tables in the new
recordings work great and the OSD times are perfect!  

I was about ready to give up, delete the old shows (thinking the problem
lied in those particular .mpg files), hope that they re-air, etc. and
decided to do a little more troubleshooting.  I took one of those newly
recorded files with a great seek table and ran the same mythcommflag script.
Here's the output (yes, it was only a 4 minute recording)

  mythtv at mythtv:/myth/tv$ mythcommflag --rebuild --file
  2006-09-07 21:43:00.238 Using runtime prefix = /usr
  2006-09-07 21:43:00.439 New DB connection, total: 1
  2006-09-07 21:43:00.456 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host:
  2006-09-07 21:43:00.459 mythcommflag version: 0.19.20060121-2
  2006-09-07 21:43:00.459 Enabled verbose msgs: important  

  MythTV Commercial Flagger, started at Thu Sep  7 21:43:00 2006
  Rebuilding SeekTable(s) for:
  ChanID  Start Time      Title                                      Status
  ------  --------------  -----------------------------------------  ------
  2006-09-07 21:43:00.466 New DB connection, total: 2
  1052    20060907212514  NFL Football
2006-09-07 21:43:00.500 Using protocol version 26
  0: start_time: 8567.806 duration: 25.688
  1: start_time: 8567.776 duration: 25.661
  stream: start_time: 95197.507 duration: 285.756 bitrate=12482 kb/s
99%/  795fps2006-09-07 21:49:21.276
RingBuf(/myth/tv/1052_20060907212514.mpg): Waited 2 seconds for data to
become available...

  Finished commercial break flagging at Thu Sep  7 21:43:12 2006

The RingBuf message only happens when the other tuner is recording (like
now), but usually it's not there.  

The program does its thing, and exits normally.  However, when I go back to
watch the show, the total time (as viewed through the OSD) has expanded by a
factor of 3 to 4x.  I tried this on 2 separate files.  A 4 minute recording
shows up as 11 minutes.  A 30 minute recording shows up as being 2hrs long,
etc.  The seek tables for both files are all messed up as well.  

I'm thinking the problem has gone from a particular .mpg on my hard drive to
the way mythcommflag works with the .mpgs that my system is making.  I would
appreciate any ideas on how to pursue troubleshooting.  


Jared Valentine
Hidden at xmission dot com

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