[mythtv-users] Paying one or some of the developers

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Thu Sep 7 17:40:29 UTC 2006

On Thursday 07 September 2006 18:07, Joe Marcom wrote:
>    I like the idea, also, though on a grander scale than is being
> discussed here.  After many months of failure with Myth (attempting with
>   KnoppMyth, AMICUS, and others), I would pay a considerable sum for a
> system that would install and run on any of my computers.  The magnitude
> of my request can be estimated by the fact that even the Editor-in-Chief
> of Linux Journal has commented on the difficulty of installing MythTV,
> in the current (October) issue.  Linux Format magazine has posted a few
> similar comments; you folks who have a fully-functioning system are
> indeed fortunate.  I envy you.

A couple of the things I want to do for 0.21 will make setup a little easier 
for some. (xmltv mainly, possibly lirc) The SoC settings work should also 

The greatest problems with setting up myth come not from myth at all, but the 
external factors like drivers and applications such as xmltv, lirc, qt, mysql 
etc There are also a number of people who don't read the manual.

Setup is also complicated by users - for every feature that is added to MythTV 
there will be a number of people who want the ability to turn it on/off, 
inevitably this means more settings screens and the potential for things to 
be set up in a broken manner.
Stuart Morgan

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