[mythtv-users] Paying one or some of the developers

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Thu Sep 7 17:21:53 UTC 2006

Quoting Joe Marcom <jmarcom at earthlink.net>:

> Tom Lichti wrote:
>>> I actually think a bounty system is a great idea.  Speaking as someone
>>> whose coding skills aren't up to the standard to fix the few things in
>>> Myth I'd like to see differently, this would provide the possibility
>>> of getting work done.
> snip
>    I like the idea, also, though on a grander scale than is being
> discussed here.  After many months of failure with Myth (attempting with
>   KnoppMyth, AMICUS, and others), I would pay a considerable sum for a
> system that would install and run on any of my computers.  The magnitude
> of my request can be estimated by the fact that even the Editor-in-Chief
> of Linux Journal has commented on the difficulty of installing MythTV,
> in the current (October) issue.  Linux Format magazine has posted a few
> similar comments; you folks who have a fully-functioning system are
> indeed fortunate.  I envy you.
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That is what this list of for though.  If you have a feature that does  
not work, or something that is not operating reliably etc... then this  
list and the archive is a HUGE source of assistance.  It also gets  
easier over time.  The more you have installed and troubleshot,  
reading this list etc... the easier it gets.  Paying for install ease  
is good, but not at the expense of developers taking the future  
product forward with new features and such.  Lots of peole have it  
working well and are willing to help out.

My 2 cents and experience anyway....


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