[mythtv-users] MythMusic Bounty Ideas

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 11:53:40 UTC 2006

As I mentioned in the ongoing Bounty thread, I'd like to put together
a bounty(bounties?) for work on the MythMusic user interface.

To collect monies for the bounty I plan to use http://www.fundable.org/
They require those interested to put down a credit card or pay pal
payment method that will be charged at the time the bounty pays out.
Hopefully this will alleviate the payment issues that will arise.

I've used the Wiki's Wishlist area for MythMusic and previous
mailinglist discussions to create some goals for MythMusic. I've
listed here what I believe are immediately useful and achievable

First a new "look", the interface and the behaviour.
- Music browsing needs to be improved, it is currently too rigid and
does not accomodate varying sizes of music libraries.
- Much screen space is taken up by place holders for display of
momentary feedback. The UI needs to be less rigid and be able to adapt
to the current needs and mode of use it is in.
- More flexible button allocation ability for better keyboard use and
use of pop-up menu's for minimal number of buttons to be required by
remote control users.

Improved Interoperability.
- Global Playlists. I believe playlists are already stored in the main
mythconverg db, but it seems that they are on a per-frontend basis. A
setup that would allow "Global", local and "other"(other frontends) to
be saved and viewed easily.
- Background operation. Allow MythTV to run in the background to allow
for CD ripping to occur while watching TV or to be able to listen to
music while scheduling new recordings, etc. From what Isaac has
mentioned on the dev list this may be trivial to implement, but
allowing for playback control, etc. may require some additional work.
- iPod/etc integration. Plug your portable music player in and have it
show up, much like in Amarok.
- Music Server/Client support (DAAP, etc).
- Last.FM support.

Some considerations need to be taken as well.
- Able to work with both SDTV and HDTV's.
- Allow for easy remote control use. It must only have dependencys
that are available on all platforms MythTV is able to compile under.
- The MFD may or may not be coming soon, possible considerations for
eventual an port to the MFD should be looked into.

In putting this list together, I think a proper rework of MythMusic
could easily accomodate extended features like iPod, Music
Server/Client, Last.FM, through a "plug-ins" style structure that
would load/enable as the user requires them.

Obviously, I have my opinions on how I'd like to see the UI behave. I
envision a combination of the tabbed structure Amarok uses with the
tags based browsing in iTunes with a feedback/control overlay much
like XBMC. I use these three software for my various music playing
needs, if others have ideas please bring them forward.

Bounty collection would be contingent on the final feature set asked
for and successful inclusion into SVN trunk by the development team.
Work is expected to be updated in a Trac ticket for users to monitor
and test. Many of the people providing pledges towards the bounty want
to have some involvement in its progress, through testing, ideas, etc.

I would like to hear back from everyone on this, ideas that may be
added, what people feel should be the end goals of this first
MythMusic bounty. I'd especially like to hear from the development
team if they have any ideas or "words of wisdom" to be added to what
will be the official bounty contract.

I also hope to judge the popularity of this idea (and in some way if
the bounty will collect enough to make this a worth the time of a
developer) through the responses to this thread.

I'm in for $20 to start =)
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