[mythtv-users] MythVideo on a frontend

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Thu Sep 7 08:28:54 UTC 2006

> I'm sure this is a ridiculously simple issue, but I've RTFMed myself
> blue in the face and can't find any reference to either problem or
> solution.
> I have MythTV set up in a separate backend / frontend scenario. The
> backend stores its recordings in /mnt/store and I've manually told it
> to use /mnt/store/MythVideo for its MythVideo store. I have a number
> of AVI files in the aforementioned MythVideo directory. When I go into
> Utilities/Setup, and then Video Manager on the backend the files are
> all listed. However, when I go into the same section on the frontend
> computer, it informs me the files are no longer available and removes
> them from the listing.
> I'm suspecting the problem is related to the setting for MythVideo on
> the frontend computer, since it seems set to look for the files on the
> local hard drive rather (/mnt/store/MythVideo) than on the remote
> backend's hard drive (myth://mythtv.example.net/mnt/store/MythVideo or
> something). Come to think of it, the same goes for repositories for
> MythDVD, MythMusic, MythGame and so on - they're all referencing local
> paths.
> To get the functionality of these plugins on a separate frontend while
> storing all the media files on the backend (such as in the case of a
> diskless frontend PC, for example), would you need to interface to the
> backend via NFS/Samba or similar to "trick" the frontend into thinking
> the files are local while actually served over the network? Does
> MythTV (or its plugins) accommodate this direct file access
> functionality in some (quite poorly documented) way? Am I just
> misunderstanding the whole thing in some fundamental way?
> Any assistance greatly appreciated.

You are quite correct that you need an NFS/Samba 'trick' for the frontend
plugins. One thing the plugins have in common is that none of them use the
backend - the whole concept is unknown to them. This means that the
backend will NOT stream videos, music, pictures etc to the frontend - the
plugin has to find the data for itself.

On my box I have my master backend mounting its data at /mnt/store (as
have you) and the frontend has an empty /mnt/store directory that is NFS
mounted back onto the master backend box. As well as getting the plugin
stuff to work, this also improves the playing of recorded material
(provided the path looks the same on both back and frontend) since the
backend doesn't then need to get involved with the streaming.

Looks like you're already 95% of the way there - good luck with the other
5% :-)

Robin Gilks

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