[mythtv-users] Paying one or some of the developers

Dean Collins Dean at collins.net.pr
Wed Sep 6 12:53:47 UTC 2006

> The problem I see with these is they still all rely on the people that
> offer into the bounty to pay at the time the bounty is completed and
> the money is not stored somewhere, like an account, with the
> possibility of later return if the bounty is not met by a certain
> date. I hope that noone would renege on their donation to the bounty,
> but I think that is the fear Isaac and perhaps other dev's have with
> the bounty concept.

As long as the list is public people don't renege (not for $20 anyway)

Asterisk has a long history of successful bounties being delivered and
paid for.

Just post subsections on the wikki and post your requirements along with
an email request that people add their names and amounts if they feel it
will be of value to them.


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