[mythtv-users] SPDIF *and* analog Sound at the same time?

wef javapojken at yahoo.se
Wed Sep 6 12:21:59 UTC 2006

--- Simon Levitt <maillists at whattf.com> wrote:

> On Tuesday 05 September 2006 14:39, wef wrote:
> > I use digital and analog output at the same time.
> > The reason: I want digital output to my surround
> > system and analog output to the speakers in my
> > bathroom.
> >
> Before I try this, one quick question:
> Does this allow you to enable the pass-through
> options in MythTV and it all 
> still work?
> ie. Can your surround system receive, say, a Dolby
> Digital 5.1 signal and the 
> analog speakers still work.
Hmm. I only have an analog TV signal, so I don't use
pass-through with MythTV. MythTV works fine with alsa
or oss. However, I use pass-through in kaffeine (xine)
and amarok and that works. Can't check now, but I
think I remember that a DVD with DD 5.1 didn't work
with the analog speakers but I'm not sure.

If it doesn't work, it's probably doable with a
.asoundrc but I have limited knowledge on how it

> I'd love this to work, so that we have a choice of
> DVD audio output depending 
> on whose watching (I like to use the AMP when I
> can), my kids really don't 
> care and are quite happy with the TV output. 
> Its probably the one thing stopping me taking the
> DVD player out of the TV 
> cabinate and replacing it with my Myth Box
> (currently standing upright on the 
> floor). I'd even accept the requirement of a button
> press to switch output 
> (providing the current place isn't lost) - but for
> the life of me can't work 
> out, or really understand what any .asoundrc
> configuration really means.

If you look at my .asoundrc, don't get confused by the
name "leppe" - it's just a nonsense word I wrote in
agony, like a function name.

> Simon.,
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