[mythtv-users] Paying one or some of the developers

Dean Collins Dean at collins.net.pr
Tue Sep 5 00:56:50 UTC 2006

> Also, I didn't read that "the only measore of a project's success...is
> making money." I would say that MythTV is a great success. I've been
> enjoying using it for about five months now.

I certainly don't value it that way and wasn't the one that said it,
though the editing certainly made it seem that way.

I think the only way to value an open source application is the adoption
percentage of possible implementations. (eg Open source fulfilment
ratio="total users"/"potential users" X 100).

It doesn't matter how good MythTV is it will never be in every living
room but there are plenty of possible developments that would make it a
more readily adopted application.


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