[mythtv-users] sound not recording

Timothy Braje tbraje at myvest.com
Mon Sep 4 23:57:08 UTC 2006

Timothy Braje wrote:
> Okay, I went to the recording profiles section and updated the software 
> encoders for the V4L driver.  I switched it to MPEG-4, and I now get no 
> errors in the logs from unknown audio codec.  Still no sound.
> As a test, I set up kde to use sound events, using the oss sound module. 
>   That works just fine.  For some reason, myth is just not recording any 
> sound for me.

I tried something "stupid".  Instead of plugging the sound card into the 
TV, I plugged the video capture card into the TV.  I now get sound when 
watching LiveTV, except it is not synced with video.  It is ahead of the 
video, presumably "live".  Not sure if this info is helpful...


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