[mythtv-users] Multiple Directories for Recordings

Mike Grusin mgrusin at flyingcircuits.com
Mon Sep 4 17:31:03 UTC 2006

Lachlan McIntosh:
> I would like to move older "do not delete" recordings to a NAS box, and
> free up space on my media box.

I regularly use nuvexport to move "do not delete" recordings to a NAS box.
I use nuvexport's "export to .nuv and .sql" option, which just copies the
files without transcoding anything.  I can then use mythvideo to play back
those recordings from the NAS box.

The limitations are: 1. since the files are just copied off the Mythbox, the
file naming is nonobvious (I use nuvexport's "create a directory with the
show name" feature which helps a lot, although nuvexport has a bug where it
nests multiple directories improperly and you need to manually fix it
afterwards.  You could also rename it manually easily enough). 2. In
mythvideo you watch the recordings using a different player than the
internal one, so keymapping may be different than the internal player
(reduces WAF unless you fix it).  3. Since it's just a straight video file,
you lose the commercial flagging and jumping, unless you've set your mythbox
to do destructive removal of commercials.

I'm sure there are workarounds to the above problems. =)

Good luck! -Mike G.

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