[mythtv-users] Calling Rochester, MN mythTV users

Dean Collins Dean at collins.net.pr
Mon Sep 4 00:34:18 UTC 2006

Why give up, just document everything and call the fcc





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> On Fri, 2006-05-19 at 09:59 -0500, Ed Neff wrote:
> > Hi Mario,
> >
> > Thanks for all the good information about dealing with Charter
> > I have been doubtful about Charter because their website  left me
> > confused.  Your posts give me some hope that Charter may be a choice
> > for me.
> >
> > I live near Rochester, MN, close enough to be served by Charter, but
> > have a large satellite dish using 4DTV and an Over-The-Air antenna
> > local channels.  I have built (and re-built) three MythTV systems
> > they all work quite well.  If too many of the so-called "Cable
> > Channels" become unavailable via 4DTV, Charter and firewire would be
> > the way I'd have to go.
> >
> > Thanks again for letting those of us near Rochester know about
> > Cable and how to deal with them.
> >
> > --
> > Ed Neff
> Hello Again Myth List,
> I have a follow up to my previous posting about Rochester, MN and
> digital cable via firewire in the area.  Sometime in late July, my
> firewire recordings stopped working.  Instinctively, I pulled up the
> diagnostics and lone behold, got the unfortunate 5C=1 on all stations
> that weren't analog except for the broadcast HD stations.  I
> called up Charter, and was sent back and forth from the internet and
> depts until they realized that I really DIDNT have anything wrong with
> my "Firewall" that I was talking about my STB.  I eventually got in
> contact with a technical supervisor and over the weeks surrounding
> incident, tried to talk with him to see if they would renig on the 5C
> status.  He didn't believe me at first either that it was caused by
> 5C problem, and made me switch out the box first among a few other
> things.  When he finally did come to realize that this was the
> he had told one of his engineers to talk to me.  They never called,
> this tech sup stopped returning my calls and emails.
> I had enough, and went into the office to find him.  He appologized
> his engineer not contacting me, and told me that it wasn't anything
> they directly changed in the firmware configuration themselves.  He
> me that all of the stations actually were supposed to be supporting
> encryption already.  With a recent upstream firmware update, they were
> physically able to support the 5C encryption on the boxes.
> I don't know how reliable all this information that I got from him is,
> and whether it really was a firmware option that they either disabled
> enabled, or if it was from upstream.  It's come down to me having to
> admit my defeat, and deal.  I'm evaluating if I can switch to
> instead without too much hassle now, mainly on principle for how much
> was jerked around with Charter.
> Regards,
> Mario

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