[mythtv-users] When does mythfilldatabase trigger a schedule update?

Derek Battams derek at battams.ca
Sun Sep 3 15:25:51 UTC 2006

Quoting chris at cpr.homelinux.net:

> In a typical North American MythTV installation the
> "mythfilldatabase path" setting is "/usr/bin/mythfilldatabase".
> Once the data is downloaded by the grabber and the post-processing
> is completed, the backend recreates the "upcoming recordings" list
> based on the new data.  Question #1 is: does this rescheduling
> occur as a result of an explicit action my mythfilldatabase or is
> it done implicitly when the command specified in "mythfilldatabase
> path" exits successfully?  The reason I ask is because I wrote a
> small shell script that wraps mythfilldatabase and performs some
> updates to the 'program' table but don't know if I have to trigger
> a rechedule or if it will happen automatically when my wrapper
> exits.

Yes, you have to explicitly trigger the reschedule.  mythfilldatabase  
will do it itself (last thing it does), but then after you modify the  
program table, you need to trigger it yourself.

> Question #2 (assuming it's required) is: what command
> should I use to force mythbackend to reschedule?

Use 'mythbackend --resched'

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