[mythtv-users] Not getting any mail from mythtv-users and -dev

Justin The Cynical cynical at penguinness.org
Sat Sep 2 21:05:19 UTC 2006

Charles H. Chapman wrote:
>> Aren't the digests zip files?  If so, perhaps your mail server is 
>> blocking messages with zip file attachments (so you don't get virii ;).
> Negative...I'm also not getting the digests anymore.  The digests are
> sent out as one big email, not as a zip.  I've reconfirmed my settings
> several times.  This appears to be a selective problem since there are
> only a few of us complaining about it.

I had the same problem as well.

I wasn't sure that it was mailman as I had just moved my mail server to 
a IP.  But shortly after I emailed the listowner email address, I 
started getting email from the list...  in batches of 20 or more.

It seems to have smoothed out since then.  *shrug*

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