[mythtv-users] File system question

Glen Johnson gjohnson at vhcc.edu
Sat Sep 2 16:20:09 UTC 2006

I know this has got to be an easy question but I'm having a dumb day and
can't find the answer on google.  I've read on the fedora site, myth
wiki and documentation too.
I've installed FC5 and updated.  Installed Myth19 via yum.
Before configuring myth, I want to set up a raid 5 array for video using
4 drives.  I now know I should have done this during the initial setup
but I didn't have all the drives for the array at that time.
I'm to the formatting step and don't see any support for resisefs, xfs
or jfs file systems.
Everything I read says to enable them during initial setup.  I didn't
and was hoping I wouldn't have to redo the setup just to add them.
Any way around a complete reinstall?

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