[mythtv-users] System audio via PVR-350

Ian Macdonald ian at caliban.org
Sat Sep 2 21:01:57 UTC 2006

On Sat 02 Sep 2006 at 22:53:05 +0200, you wrote:

> >I can't help but think that there must be an easier way. How do other PVR
> xxx owners get music >and other system audio?
> By connecting "Audio out" from the 350 to "Line in" on my sound card. And
> then the "Audio out" from the soundcard is connected to my A/V receiver.
> There is no other way of utilizing the 350 in native mode without a
> loopback.

Thanks (and to Drew) for your answer. I guess I'm going to need to get
an A/V receiver, which was on my list of things to do, anyway.


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