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Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 23:57:37 UTC 2006

On 9/1/06, Dylan Semler <dylan.semler at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 8/31/06, Brad DerManouelian <myth at dermanouelian.com> wrote:
> > On Aug 31, 2006, at 1:29 PM, Dylan Semler wrote:
> >
> > > So.. you guys are saying I should go with the 5200?
> > > : )
> > >
> > > Dylan
> >
> > What's a 5200? Oh, right. I picked up a 6600-OC and have been
> > thrilled with it. My basic requirements was that is was nVidia and
> > had a dual-link DVI port on it. I would think a 5200 with dual-link
> > DVI would be just as good - but harder to find. Even if you aren't
> > going to use dual-link immediately, you will one day, I'm sure.
> By Dual-link DVI port, you mean two DVI ports?

no, dual link means there are to data pathways in the cable allowing
for more data to be transfered. This is required for things like
HD-DVD and technically 1080p signals require dual-link.

> If so, what's the big
> drawback with those that have one VGA and one DVI.  Most monitors support
> both inputs and I've never been able to tell the difference in picture
> quality between the two.  At the very least, aren't there VGA->DVI adapters
> that I could use?
> My main concern for this purchase is weather or not this will enable me to
> playback 1080i content with XvMC on my machine.  As of right now, I get many
> many prebuffering pauses, and if it's not possible for smooth playback with
> my processor (P4 2.23), there's really no point in me buying a new card.
> If it is possible I'll then have to dig around more about the differences
> between the 5000 series and the 6000 series.  But thanks for all the inputs.

any of the 5 or 6000 will do 1080i with xvmc.

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