[mythtv-users] ReadStringList timeout and MYTH_PROTO_VERSION

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Fri Sep 1 15:18:06 UTC 2006

I started to have this same problem last night.  I have four systems,
all started experiencing this issue. 

I don't see where there was ever an answer to this yet.  Anyone have any
ideas on this?  All three systems are the exact same version.  


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Subject: [mythtv-users] ReadStringList timeout and MYTH_PROTO_VERSION

I've googled this problem until my fingers hurt, but every problem
similar to mine goes unanswered.

I just installed MythTV 0.19 on a fresh Gentoo install, and trying to
watch TV gives me a blank screen for about five seconds, and then an
error in the console:

Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 5)
ReadStringList timeout (quick).
Unexpected response to MYTH_PROTO_VERSION:
TV: Attempting to change from None to None

I also noticed that when I go through the menus (changing settings and
such), the program stops responding for a while when I change screens.
Everything is the same version according to their output,
0.19.20060121-2. The frontend and backend are both on the same server,
and I don't have any fancy drive configurations. Does anyone have any
Harrison J. Kelly
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