[mythtv-users] How to configure Mythgames to find only certain extensions

Heiko Gerstung mailinglists at am-anger-1.de
Fri Sep 1 14:06:07 UTC 2006


I tried to set up MythTV to only find files with .smc and .zip extension
in the rom path of my SNES settings. I did not find any hint that tells
me how to enter several extensions in this field: comma-separated,
space-separated or what?

I tried severals formats like "*.smc *.zip" or ".smc, .zip" or simply
"smc zip" but to no avail (no rom files found). Then I left the entire
field blank and all my roms have been found, but also *.txt files and
what else lies around (screeenshots, saved states and so on).

I tried it again with entering extensions but it seems that once it has
found a rom file, it does not delete it even when it does not match the
(later added) extension filter.

Now I have two questions:
a) How can I get rid of all the entries and start over?
b) How do I have to enter a list of extensions in the above mentioned field?

Thank you in advance,
best regards,

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