[mythtv-users] Piggyback channel signal onto cable coax.

Mike Grusin mgrusin at flyingcircuits.com
Mon Oct 30 03:02:55 UTC 2006

  Hi guys, I had recently moved my backend into the garage and started to
use remote frontends, however, I don't like the response time with these
remote frontends, actions like skip takes more than a couple secs to

  I want to know if it was possible to piggyback a signal (say channel 3 or
4) onto the cable coax (like those old gaming stations) and be able to tune
to it from the TVs in the other rooms.  I don't want it to interfere with
the cable reception, just piggyback an extra channel.  I guess if this isn't
feasible, I get something like x10's video broadcasting station, but I have
had very bad luck with broadcasting since I have nearby powerlines.

  Also for this setup to work, I need a remote control device that can work
through walls.

  Anyways, give me some insights or product names. Thx.
Sounds like you're describing an RF modulator like the ones at:
http://www.smarthome.com/prodindex.asp?catid=298.  These let you take an A/V
signal and put it on an unused cable channel so the rest of the TVs in the
house can pick it up.  With the right hardware some let you send IR signals
back to the modulator so that you can control e.g. a DVD player if you only
had one for the whole house.for the whole house.  This may have made sense
when DVD players were $1000, but these days it's cheaper to have a DVD
player at every TV than the modulator hardware will cost.

HOWEVER I suspect that if you keep working with your frontends you can
improve the response time to something usable.  Investing in improved Myth
or network hardware is probably a better bet than investing in centralized
analog distribution (especially if you hope to upgrade to HD some day).

Good luck! -Mike G.
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