[mythtv-users] Most reliable cable channel changer?

Nick Bartos spam1001 at 2thebatcave.com
Thu Oct 26 04:07:34 UTC 2006

I have comcast and use the 6200ch program to change the channels on my HD
receiver via firewire.  It is a bit annoying as several (maybe about 1 in
20) channel changing attempts fails (I am using the latest 1394 libs and
2.6.18 kernel, but I have used older versions over the past few months
with the same results).  I have used the -v flag for adding more to the
logs, but as far as the logs go the 6200ch program thinks it is changing
the channel successfully.

A few months ago I tried one of the comcast non-high def receivers that
used a DB9 serial to change the channels (I don't remember the model, or
exactly which program I used), but the failure rate was much higher
(probably 50% or so).

I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations on which receivers work
best and which channel changers to use.  Everything is encoded via svideo
(adaptec hardware mpeg2 encoders) so a high def receiver is really
overkill, I only use them since they are more reliable than the other one
I tested.

Has anyone achieved 100% (or close) accuracy when changing channels on a
cable box?  If so what cable box was it and what channel changer did you

Any help is appreciated.  At first this didn't annoy me as much but now
I'm missing a few shows that I really did want to watch.  It's _almost_
enough to drive me to going back to a tivo.

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