[mythtv-users] Need to start backend and lirc automatically.

MLT mstruscott at optusnet.com.au
Tue Oct 24 13:00:21 UTC 2006

I have myth running on an up to date dapper install on an amd64 system. 
They were installed using the debs from mario's repository, which in
turn are, I believe, based on the debian debs. I want to be able to have
myth start all the way to the front end running without manual
intervention but have run into a couple of problems I could use some
help with.

1.      I cannot get mythbackend to start automatically in 0.20.  This
worked fine with 0.19, but I have had to reinstall (long story) and now
it doesn't want too work.  There is a script installed and part of the
init process but nothing happens.  I can start it with:

$sudo mythbackend

and then everything is fine.

2.      I cannot get lirc to start automatically either.  I am using a
twinhan remote which connects at /dev/eventx and any script I use breaks
lirc and means I have to reinstall.  At present:

 $ sudo lircd 

will start it.  There is a related problem where the location of the
different devices connected at /dev/event wander and the numbers change.
 I found a script that claimed to cure this and forgot to bookmark it. 
If anyone can remember where it is I would be grateful.

If anyone can point in the general direction of the right answer I
would be very grateful.

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