[mythtv-users] channel line up priorities; what are others doing

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Sun Oct 22 09:15:17 UTC 2006

jeff <news at propixs.com> says:
> To do this I THINK I need to do a channel record for the show


> AND have the channel names be the same between the tuners ( i.e. NBC
> on both regardless that one is channel 12 and one is 812

You want identical channels to share the same callsign. This is *not*
the same thing as the channel name. Names are arbitrary and are only
for decoration.

You don't want to give HD and SD versions of the same channel the same
callsign, because--well--they're not the same channel. (There's a
reason why they get different DataDirect XML IDs.)

for how I do it.

> recording profiles increase the (new) option for HDTV Recording
> priority.

This didn't exist when I wrote the above message, but the answer is

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