[mythtv-users] Recording problem

Tim Nichols tnichols at is-design.com
Thu Oct 19 23:03:21 UTC 2006

Hi all,
  I'm hoping this is a simple thing I've done wrong and someone can
help.  I'm not able to schedule any recordings on my Myth box.  When I
use the schedule recordings interface (or any other such as mythweb for
example) I go through the menus to set a schedule, and everything looks
great.  I commit the change, and when I go back to look, there are no
scheduled recordings.  I haven't seen any info show up in the
mythfrontend log/output or the mythbackend.log when this happens. 
  When I am watching TV, recording works great.  I can rewind/ff, etc,
and I can go back and view shows that I've actively watched.  But for
some reason, I'm not able to create any scheduled recordings.

 Can someone help me out?
   I'm running Myth 0.20.  Athlon XP 1800, NVidia NX4400, WinTV PVR
150.  CentOS 4 is the core O/S I'm running on.


 Tim Nichols

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