[mythtv-users] Video Memory -- How Much?

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Wed Oct 18 22:26:59 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-10-18 at 16:29 -0400, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 10/18/06 15:06, Brad DerManouelian wrote:
> You can get 1080p on a single-link DVI card using an LCD display and 
> faking the timings, but only if you have a great-quality TMDS 
> transmitter (which most video cards--even the expensive ones--don't).  
> So, in reality, if using DVI, you should look for dual-link for 1080p 
> output, as Brad said.

None of the nVidia chips have a good TMDS transmitter. If you want
an nVidia card with good single link DVI you need to get one which
doesn't use the internal TMDS transmitter but instead uses an external
chip for TMDS. This means you can't buy a cheap card, unless it is
a remaindered workstation card. A dual-link card using the on-chip
TMDS transmitters will usually be cheaper.

> However, if using VGA (many 1080p displays won't take 1080p via 
> DVI--often because they're missing dual-link TMDS receivers), you'll be 
> fine regardless of the video card's DVI outputs.
I dunno, my monitor was the cheapest of Dell's 1080p models
and it accepts dual-link DVI. Of course I had to return the
first one they sent me because it was overheating, but that's
another story.

-- Daniel

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