[mythtv-users] Front end locking up accessing video... /var/log/messages says front end killed because of memory problems...

stuart stuart at xnet.com
Wed Oct 18 21:25:22 UTC 2006

Ok, got it (mythfronend) working - kind-of...

I had an FC5 system w/512MBytes RAM and 512MBytes swap. That wasn't 
enough to run mythfrontend.  I increased the swap space by another 
512MBytes and was able to get to the menus to create a DVD from an avi 
file.  So much for a "thin" mythtv client.  No wonder people are 
interested in the MVPMC.ORG project.

Why does the front end take so much memory (30% plus on my system)?? 
Before you say it's the video buffers - let me just say I wasn't running 
out of memory watching TV or videos (did that - no problems).  I was 
running out of memory just by going through different menus!  That can't 
be right - anyone know what's really going on?

stuart wrote:
> Hi...
> I am running mythtv .20 on a Linux 2.6.17-1.2187_FC5 kermel box.
> My front end is locking up for several minutes then dying if I ether try 
> to access the local videos menu or the local video configuration menu. 
> This is on the same computer that my mythtv back end is running. 
> However, on a different computer, I can access both menus (identify 
> where the videos are stored and find that there are no videos there) 
> with out any problems.
> I can watch live and recorded TV on both front ends.
> In /var/log/messages, on the computer where the front end is dying, the 
> kernel is saying (at least half the time) that it (the kernel) had to 
> kill the mythtv front end application because if was a memory hog!
> I dumped the SQL data for myth on the computer running the back end and 
> did not find a reference to the expected location (/var/lib/mythvideo) 
> of the video files.  I might have changed this in the past to a 
> directory which had more room for storage, but have not been able to 
> find that path in the SQL dump either.
>       ...thanks for any help
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