[mythtv-users] Minimum front end specs.....

Chris Henderson jchendo at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 09:42:01 UTC 2006

On 10/16/06, Peter A. Daly <petedaly at gmail.com> wrote:
> First paragraph meant to say:
> I've run MythTV on a 400Mhz system using a PVR-350 to take the video
> _de_coding load off of the CPU.

Hi And thanks for all the replies.

Hmmm this is looking good.
This box is going to be a forntend only so i don't have to worry about the
encoding stress.
But, as I use DVB cards, that stress on the CPU would be minimal anyway. (
DVB stream is just mpg2 or close enough)
 But like I said I have no need to run a DVB card in the frontend.

Marko seems to be the closest to the specs I am looking at and he seems to
have one that works. This might be worthwhile after all.

Anybody else out there got a frontend like this?

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