[mythtv-users] Minimum front end specs.....

Chris Henderson jchendo at gmail.com
Sun Oct 15 04:49:19 UTC 2006

Hi all.

I was doing some work at a customers place (i am a computer tech) and i
noticed a P3 600 with a mini atx board attached sitting unused in a a box.

Coincidentally they have asked me to clean out the server room and throw
away all the crap.

So my question is this.
Is a P3 600 fast enough to run a V.20 frontend with open GL?

The reason I ask is that i could stuff that into a pretty box (WAF goes up
!!!) and stuff a big Heat sink onto it, and probably net boot it from the
server or something. Maybe get all spiffy and set the server and frontend to
shutdown / hibernate when they are not being used.

I have searched the list using the following terms "frontend specs",
"minimum requirements" etc and turned up a heap for results from people
using current components, but nothing in the era of this beasty.

Now, I will max out the memory on the board (don't know what is will take
but suspect 512 mb max)and stuff an FX5500 or similar onto it.

I currently run a P31gig 1gb ram and dual Digaital tv cards, so it seems
like it will run.

Anyone have any comments?

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