[mythtv-users] Fast Forward with sound

Sergei Gerasenko gerases at publicschoolworks.com
Thu Oct 12 14:59:41 UTC 2006

> slowest FFWD speed (3x by default).  You probably never noticed because 
> there are 8 speeds by default (so you'd have to hit FFWD 9 times to 
> wrap), but with the information in the links above, you can change it to
> 3 speeds.

Yep, after I wrote the post yesterday, I noticed exactly that :) 
> Also, note that Myth has a setting (in the frontend settings under 
> General on the page "Seeking"):

That's really nice. I'm going to play with these settings over the


As for the original problem of fast-forwarding with sound, I did as you
suggested last night by running the perl script first. It did say
repaired/optimized for a lot of tables. Then I ran mythcommflag
--rebuild --all and voila, everything started working like a charm.
Thanks so much for the instructions!

The only question I have now is: how do I make sure that the problem doesn't
happen in the future? Do I need to run mythcommflag after each

Actually commercial flagging has been a source of confusion for me. That
is, I don't understand the difference between flagging and creating a
"cutlist". After my recordings are finished, almost all of them say "has
commflag: Yes" in mythweb. But "has cutlist" is always "No". How can I
generate the "cutlist" and, frankly, what IS it? From what I understand
it's a set of marks for a video file for identifying commercials. Is
this right? 

Finally, there's now this issue of seeking within a file
that somehow has to do with mythcommflag. Is there a link to some
article explaining all this in a little more detail? I did look through
the documentation and couldn't find an explanation for all this. Sorry
if this is an FAQ.



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