[mythtv-users] Fast Forward with sound

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Oct 12 03:17:58 UTC 2006

On 10/11/06 20:58, Sergei Gerasenko wrote:

>Awesome. Thanks for the pointers!
>>Not sure what you mean by cycle.
>Well, on a TiVo remote control pressing the forward button 3 times sets
>the fast forward speed to x, y and z respectively. If you press it the
>4th time, the speed will be x again. The same applies to the rewind
>button.  It also seems that the speeds are the same in both directions.
I think that's the way Myth works, too.  If you hit FFWD when you're at 
the fastest speed (180x by default) I think you will change to the 
slowest FFWD speed (3x by default).  You probably never noticed because 
there are 8 speeds by default (so you'd have to hit FFWD 9 times to 
wrap), but with the information in the links above, you can change it to 
3 speeds.

Also, note that Myth has a setting (in the frontend settings under 
General on the page "Seeking"):

Reverse direction in fast forward/rewind
If enabled, pressing the sticky rewind key in fast forward mode switches 
to rewind mode, and vice versa.  If disabled, it will decrease the 
current speed or switch to play mode if the speed can't be decreased 

By default, that setting is true, so if you disable it, hitting FFWD 
will take you to x, y, then z (and beyond depending on the configuration 
discussed in the links above).  Then, to slow down, you can push rewind 
and go to y then x and then normal playback.  With this approach, you 
can think of it as a dial with two controls: FFWD->turns clockwise = up 
and REW->turns counter-clockwise = down.


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