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Ron Burkey RBURKEY at heads-up.com
Wed Oct 11 15:25:27 UTC 2006


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> On 10/11/06, Ron Burkey <RBURKEY at heads-up.com> wrote:
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> > A problem with MythArchive has suddenly popped up as 
> follows:  I was 
> > in the midst of exporting recordings to DVD when the computer 
> > rebooted.  (I think I may have jostled the power cable.)  After the 
> > computer rebooted, I tried to restart exporting the 
> recordings to DVD.  
> > However, instead of giving me any of the normal screens that allow 
> > selection of the recordings, SP vs. LP, etc., it just jumps 
> right back 
> > into the screen that shows the progress of the DVD creation.  (The 
> > screen that shows CANCEL, UPDATE, and EXIT at the
> > bottom.)  What's on this status screen is, as far as I can tell, 
> > exactly what it showed just before the computer rebooted, 
> but without 
> > running the program that the status screen says is running 
> (ffmpeg, I 
> > think).  However, even if I CANCEL or EXIT (or even reboot the 
> > computer) this status screen shows up every time I try to 
> export to DVD (or to a "native archive").
> > Help!
> >
> you have a stale lock file so the system thinks you are still 
> in the middle of making a dvd. I ran into this and had to 
> delete the lock file (it in the 
> <MYTHARCHIVEROOT>/logs/mythburn.lck (or somethig like that). 
> The problem I had was that I had to redo the entire process 
> as it was unable to pick up from where it left off .
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