[mythtv-users] Information/Recommendations on a new MythTV

Timothy Chartier thymus at earthling.net
Wed Oct 11 15:26:44 UTC 2006

> EXT-2 is not a journaling system, which is generally considered not
> good, 

Opps. I ment EXT3. 

> I've read about issues with Reiser but have no personal
> experience.

Any chance you remember what some of those issues were?

> One thing to be aware of with  EXT3 is that when you delete a large
> file (as just about all Myth-recorded files are) the system blocks
> all disk access until the delete is complete. 

This seems to be a bad idea and would really hamper system performance on a servr with larges files and multiuser access. Could just be my limited understanding though.

> If you are recording at
> the time you can run out of disk buffer and thus lose information. I
> assume this would be true for EXT2 as well, as EXT3 is simply a
> journaling EXT2. In fact, a system that knows nothing about EXT3 will
> R/W an EXT3 filesystem as EXT2 (without updating the journal of course).

I remember switching to EXT3 frpom EXT2 and not having those 30+ min fscks every 6 months/power outage. 
> In practice, with EXT3, I have discovered that if I delete a
> recording of more than 1 hour duration while recording I will get
> hits in the recording. Deleting files of 1 hour or less seems to
> cause no problems.

So as long as I don't delete while recording I should be fine. However I still think I want to go XFS if I can easily with the debian network installer. 

> I'm guessing I could play with buffer size etc. to minimize the
> problem, but I haven't done so because it's not a big issue for me as
> it is, and EXT3 has worked fine otherwise.


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