[mythtv-users] Cannot access recorded video from remote front end

Nick Rout nick at rout.co.nz
Mon Oct 9 03:33:22 UTC 2006

On 10/9/2006, "kim gross" <kgross at jensalt.com> wrote:

>I'm guessing that the Backend Server IP setting on your master backend is
>>set to instead of the correct non-loopback IP address.  This
>>would explain the issue you are seeing.  If so, change it to the real IP
>>address of the master backend and see if that fixes the issue.
>Thank you Chris,  That removed the references to but it is
>still not working, with the same error message
>2006-10-08 21:04:31.173 TV: Attempting to change from None to
>2006-10-08 21:04:37.701 RingBuf(/video/store//1056_20060630170000.mpg):
>Invalid file (fd -1) when opening '/video/store//1056_20060630170000.mpg'.
>Again the preview window is able to find the recording and play it, it
>is just the main player that can not find the file.

On the client does the file video/store//1056_20060630170000.mpg exist? I
think not, don't you have to nfs mount the back end for the frontend to
be able to find the file? Or is there some sort of magic streaming going
on here?

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