[mythtv-users] Exit recording - long delay

Wade Maxfield mythtv at hotblack.co.nz
Sun Oct 8 22:45:57 UTC 2006

>I've just upgraded my backend and remote frontends from 0.20
>(protocol 30 from about 3-4 weeks ago) to 0.20 (protocol 31) because
>a new OS X Intel Frontend required it.  No big problems with the
>upgrade process.
>However on one of my remote frontends there is a 10 second delay when
>exiting a recording and returning to the Watch recordings menu. While
>watching the recording hit exit, select don't save position, screen
>goes black, wait 10 seconds, and we're back to the watch recordings
>menu.  I've also setup this machine to use Internal as the .avi
>player and there is a similar pause when exiting a video and
>returning to the list of video files.
>Before upgrading this morning the delay, if any, was no more than 1-2 seconds.
>There isn't anything obvious in the mythfrontend log that I can see:
>2006-10-07 11:09:09.311 TV: Changing from None to WatchingPreRecorded
>2006-10-07 11:09:09.312 The realtime priority setting is not enabled.
>2006-10-07 11:09:09.471 Video timing method: USleep with busy wait
>2006-10-07 11:09:14.479 TV: Attempting to change from
>WatchingPreRecorded to None
>2006-10-07 11:09:24.582 TV: Changing from WatchingPreRecorded to None
>Both this frontend and the backend are using packages from ATrpms and
>were upgraded about 3 hours ago, both are running FC5 x86_64. The
>combined BE/FE doesn't have this pause, and neither do my Mac OS X
>FE's (using Matt Meads build 20061001)
>Any thoughts on things I can try to get rid of this delay?
>   - Wade

After a much playing around, it ended up being alsa 1.0.13.  Luckily 
ATrpms still had an older version so downgrading to alsa 1.0.12 
(alsa-driver-1.0.12, alsa-kmdl, alsa-lib-1.0.12 & libasound2-1.0.12) 
has fixed the issue.

  - Wade

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