[mythtv-users] LIRC UK Sky Control.

Razza ray at brambletree.net
Sun Oct 8 15:07:35 UTC 2006

I'm using it to send not receive, the box is doing very little, I'm just
playing with irsend!

Per wrote:
Hi there, two questions:
1) Is it always two button presses?
2) Is your computer idling or under heavy load?

I bought a M$ remote because my box wasn't able to receive IR transmits
while watching videos. The heavier load the harder to get it right i
believe. The serial port does not sample anything by itself so if
something is missed you never get it back. For my old comp it was at 80%
when watching videos and barely every tenth button-press was received.

Regards Per Öberg

Razza wrote:
> Hi all, not sure if this is really the right list - so apologies in 
> advance if it's not. I have built a homebrew serial transmitter to 
> control my sky box, which appears to be generally working. The problem

> I have, is the need to send every "button press" twice to achieve a 
> single digit sent. For example, if I want to change to channel 106 
> (sky one), I would need to send "irsend SEND_ONCE digibox 1 1 0 0 6 
> 6", does anyone use a serial homebrew transmitter, who is able to 
> share their /etc/lircd.conf?
> Thanks
> Ray

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