[mythtv-users] Wishlist feature for adding a hard drive

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Oct 4 20:22:50 UTC 2006

On 10/04/06 14:06, Mark J. Small wrote:

>I've been thinking of getting a second storage drive for my backend, and it 
>looks like I'll need to use LVM to join the two drives in to one big logical 
>This got me to thinking.  Wouldn't it be nice if mythtv had the option of 
>multiple storage drives/directories?  Then it could do a sort of load 
>balancing between drives.  This would be most effective if the two drives 
>were on different cables, at least for PATA.  
>Lets say I'm recording three shows and watching two at the same time.  If myth 
>put two of the shows on one drive, and one on the other, then I would be much 
>less likely to be hurt by disk performance bottlenecks.
>Of course I'm not sure how important disk performance is.  I haven't had a 
>problem yet, but if I add a fourth tuner I might. I was pleasantly surprised 
>that I had no hiccups recording 3 and watching 1 on Sunday night.  It was the 
>first time I had dared do that.
>I know that this sort of thing can be accomplished with raid0 striping, but 
>that has the major disadvantage of me losing all of my recording in the event 
>of a hard drive failure.  If half of the recordings were on each drive, I'd 
>only lose half of them if a drive died.

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