[mythtv-users] lirc help

mythtv-users mythtv-users at fastdruid.co.uk
Sun Oct 1 22:08:21 UTC 2006

> Hello All-
> I got mythtv up and running fine, although I am having quite a few issues
> with
> lirc.
> I'm using a newer Hauppauge WinTV PVR-250 card (cx23416 based) with the
> A415
> remote.
> I copied the config file from:
> /usr/share/lirc/remotes/hauppauge/lircd.conf.hauppauge
> and edited appropriately for the A415 remote and placed it in
> /etc/lircd.conf.
> I've noticed that when i try and test with 'gmplayer /dev/video0' mplayer
> wants the config file to be /etc/lircrc.  renaming lircd.conf to lircrc
> loads
> the file but gives me errors:

That's cos it's wrong file :-)
lircd.conf is for lirc, there should be another file (presumably
/etc/lircrc in this case) that tells what to map the buttons to for

The best way to see if lirc is working is to use irw, that should tell you
if lirc is working as it will echo every button press


pvr:~ # irw
00000000800100ae 00 EXIT haupaugegrey
0000000080010067 00 UP haupaugegrey
000000008001006c 00 DOWN haupaugegrey
0000000080010067 00 UP haupaugegrey

If it's not then you can use irrecord to record your buttons and make your
own file.

> My software specs are:
> opensuse 10.1
> lirc and lirc-kmp-smp 0.8.0

Dunno about the PVR-250 but my box (suse 10.1) the remote is automatically
added as a /dev/input/event? type device and I use lirc with the dev/input

You'll also need a .mythtv/lircrc file that contains the key bindings for



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