[mythtv-users] Can't get multiple-directories patch to work on 0.20

Lincoln Dale ltd at interlink.com.au
Sun Oct 1 00:26:55 UTC 2006


[was travelling, didn't see your email until today..]

> > the implication is that your mythbackend isn't patched or installed
> then.
> Agreed.
> > what output do you get from:
> > 	strings `which mythbackend` | grep LTD
> I get nothing. However:
> > you _should_ get:
> > 	# strings `which mythbackend` | grep LTD
> > 	0ADoHandleDeleteRecording(LTD): asked to delete %s: exists:%d
> >
> > if you donn't then applying the patch didn't work quite right..
> The odd thing is that the only place LTD appears in your diff16.txt
> (and at
> <URL:http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/attachment/ticket/1744/diff16.txt>,

diff16 at SVN is complete although may be slightly different to what i run
here.  regardless, you should still have "LTD" appearing in the above if you
applied the patch correctly (as diff16 in SVN clearly has the string 'LTD'
in the StartedRecording Recording verbose logging).

one of two things has happened:
 1. when you applied the patch (e.g. "patch -p1 <patchname>"),
    for whatever reason, some hunks weren't applied correctly, or
 2. the build system didn't pick up the change to all files & didn't
    recompile them.

if you're not sure of (1) then download a fresh source tree & apply the
patches again & recompile.

if you are SURE of (1), then just do
	make clean
and verify the resulting mythbackend that has been built has the string.



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