[mythtv-users] Same channels on different sources

Sven Lankes mythtv at killefiz.de
Tue Nov 28 12:48:32 UTC 2006

I am running a mythtv 0.20 machine that has two dvb-cards. One is DVB-T
and one DVB-C - there three types of channels in my setup:

1. Those that are available only on DVB-T
2. Those that are available only on DVB-C
3. Those that are available on both cards

What is the right way to tell mythtv that a channel is the same on
source a and b so that it doesn't record a show twice if it's set to
"always Record on any channel"?

Do I need to set the xmltv-id to the same value? Or the channel name? Or
the channel id? Or all of them? Or something else?

I had this working with DVB-T and analog cable in the last incarnation
of my mythbox but cannot re-figure out how to do it now.


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