[mythtv-users] What's wrong with this picture?

Jeff Wormsley daworm at comcast.net
Wed Nov 22 00:19:57 UTC 2006

Trevor Bradley wrote:
> I used this exact same PVR-150 card, with the exact same co-axial cable in a
> different machine running Windows XP and SageTV, and never had flicker like
> I see here.  It’s not crippling, but it’s annoying… I want my Myth PVR-150
> recording to be as good as my old Sage box.
"...in a different machine"

This is probably the difference. The other machine probably had a better 
power supply, with cleaner power, or a better shielded or better laid 
out motherboard that didn't generate as much radio frequency noise. The 
simplest check, and cheapest unless you have a specialized box, is to 
replace the PS with a good quality unit, not a cheap knockoff that comes 
with a $30 case.

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