[mythtv-users] Delete/Move all recordings, UI hangs?

Trevor Bradley tgb at sfu.ca
Tue Nov 21 20:09:02 UTC 2006

Iíve noticed in the mythfrontend UI that if I go into a particular category
of recordings, then move all the recordings to another category until the
category is empty, the UI seems to hang.

If I alt-tab to a window in KDE, and then alt-tab back, I get the main menu
just fine.† It is a bit of a pain however.

Iím using MythTV 0.20a on Slackware11.0+KDE.† Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Trevor Bradley
Computer Systems Administrator
Systems and Techical Support (STS), 
Learning and Instructional Development Centre (LIDC),
Surrey Campus, Simon Fraser University

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