[mythtv-users] MythStream BBC parser for Radio 4

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Mon Nov 13 08:05:50 UTC 2006


About a year ago I wrote (with some help!) a parser for the BBC realplayer
streaming of their radio stations.

Most of it still works but the format of the page for Radio 4 has changed
(probably due to the vast number of items on it) so I've written some

My perl skills are less than basic so it needs a good polish but I've had
to take a 3 level approach to the parsing now (apart from a set of direct
references which can be done in one!).

The new top level is bbc_l3.pl which is where the streams.res file should
reference. That will then either go direct to the url or transfer control
to bbc_l4.pl to get the next page. The second page then passes control to
bbc_l2.pl as with the original script to parse out the reference to the
audio stream.

Since bbc_1 and bbc_l2 have not changed, I include here bbc_l3 and bbc_l4
for anyone with perl skills to have a play with (they work but its messy)
and fettle up for general consumption.

Robin Gilks

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