[mythtv-users] Static noise over AC3 passthrough

Eric Smith erictsmith at gmail.com
Tue May 30 02:39:43 UTC 2006

Sorry if this is a repost, browser died while sending the first time....

I'm hoping this issue is a minor one that I am just over-looking but I
can't seem to figure it out.  I can't get AC3 passthrough to work
(through mplayer, xine, or myth).  In each case whenever I enable AC3
I get a horrible pulsating static sound through my receiver and the
auto detection on the receiver never changes from 2 channel.  Hardware
wise, I've had the same setup outputting AC3 on a Windows box in the
past so I'm fairly sure its not a hardware issue.  Any thoughts would
be greatly appreciated.

System details:
Fedora Core 4
Alsa 1.0.10
Audigy with the emu10k1 driver Using Coax to a digital receiver
Using Jarod's asoundrc/modprobe with the digital-hw as default
(although changing this doesn't change the results)

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