[mythtv-users] XBox Front-End Problems

George Nassas gnassas at mac.com
Wed May 24 03:35:50 UTC 2006

On 22-May-06, at 11:35 PM, Richard Dale wrote:

> Oops you may also need this too:
> apt-get install libqt3-compat-headers

I lost the OP's message but if you're going to apt-get all the 
dependancies why not just get the source for the mythtv package and 
build that? Essentially:

	apt-get source mythtv
	apt-get build-dep mythtv
	cd mythtv-??? (whatever the version is)
	dpkg-buildpackage -b
	cd ..
	dpkg -i *.deb

you may need/want other options to dpkg-buildpackage but the above is 
the process in a nutshell. Another way to go is to skip the build-dep 
line and instead let dpkg-build tell you what you're missing. Keep 
apt-getting until the build starts for real.

For extra bonus points you can go into the debian/rules file and change 
the configure options to be more suitable to an xbox. Coerce the 
architecture to pentium2 (or is it 3?), disable dvb and things like 

- George

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