[mythtv-users] no audio PVR-500

Christian Hoenig list at hoenig.cc
Thu May 18 18:51:10 UTC 2006


> # ivtvctl -Y
> Brightness > Contrast > Saturation > Hue > Volume > Balance > Bass > Treble > Mute >
> Mute=1, very interesting. So I try turning it off:
> # ivtvctl --set-ctrl=mute=0
> ioctl VIDIOC_S_CTRL ok
> But it doesn't do anything. If I run with -Y again, I still see Mute=1
> and there is still no sound.

I had the same problem with a PVR 150 (tuner is "LG S701D MK3 (idx 62, type 
4)"). I solved this by modprobing the tda9887 audio module using
	modprobe tda9887 port2=0 port1=1

This fixed my audio problem. Unfortunately I have absolutely no clue why that 
works ;-)

take care, have fun
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