[mythtv-users] Purgeing previously recorded

Chris Moewes-Bystrom chris.moewes at gmail.com
Sun May 7 22:45:28 EDT 2006

Thanks for the help. I'm actually logged into the client right now
updating some other things and I found what I needed thanks!!

On 5/7/06, Claude Boucher <mythtv.user at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have to do it in the next few days in order to let my son watch reruns
> of Star Trek: The Next Generation, (the pilot, 'Encounter at Farpoint',
> airs on May 17). The information about recorded programs is stored in
> the oldrecorded table.
> I will use phpMyAdmin to do it, with the following SQL command:
> DELETE FROM `oldrecorded` WHERE title = 'Star Trek: The Next Generation';
> You could also do it using the cli, but I feel more at ease with the web
> interface. If you're not too familiar with MySQL, I suggest you backup
> your database prior (just to stay on the "safe side"
> Claude
> Chris Moewes-Bystrom a écrit :
> >I've lost some files including some of the shows I had recorded but
> >the system won't re-record them because it thinks it already did
> >(which it did, but the files got deleted). I've looked at oldrecorded
> >and at recordmatch, but neither of them seem to be how the system
> >tracks what is recorded (I delete something from it and it still said
> >the show was previously recorded). Is there any way to purge the
> >system of what it has previously recorded so it will record the same
> >shows again?
> >
> >
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