[mythtv-users] sharing with the wife...

Ronald Pijnacker pijnacker at dse.nl
Fri May 5 15:27:42 EDT 2006

> While I have my own group (dads shows) for my shows that my wife  
> doesn't care for, we sometimes like the same shows which are in the  
> Default recording group.   However, neither of us ever erase anything  
> there for fear the other hasn't seen it yet..  Is it possible for a  
> show to be recorded in two groups?  And actually erase the file once  
> it is gone from both groups?  Or perhaps this should be under  
> "feature requests"...

My wife and I take a different approach to this. Shows that we both
want to watch are recorded in a "Shared" group. After either of us
has watched it, we move it to the other's group. Whatever you watch
from your own group can be safely deleted. But mostly we just watch
them together :)

Hope this works for you...


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