[mythtv-users] NUV to DVD, at last!

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Thu May 4 16:07:31 EDT 2006

> Well I for one would like to suggest that I would much rather read a
> well-documented description of a mythtv-users efforts to help himself
> and others successfully create DVDs from Myth files than your
> overbearing, self-serving, opinionated expression of "the one true way"
> that works sometimes followed by geek-vomited command line hieroglyphics
> with no explanation of what they accomplish.
> But maybe that's just me.

 	... and I'm simply clarifying that I have seen literally *dozens* 
of, "Hey guys!  I finally got it working this way!"... only to discover 
that they fundamentally rely on a *broken* underlying utility that cannot 
handle synchronization errors in captured streams.  The only reason it 
*appears* to work is that most captured streams do not have such errors. 
The "one true way that works sometimes" works more often than the normal 
method of demuxing with avidemux2, mpgtx, etc as posted by most guides. 
It just has not been tested on much besides ivtv-captures AFAIK.

 	Again... the procedure described by the OP is valuable since it 
uses tools that are *not* broken  (ProjectX) in the context of variable 
A/V sync.  Unfortunately, ProjectX has a trememdous amount of overhead 
(java-based), and rumored to have artifacts on cut streams (although I 
have not verified this myself).

 	As far as the "geek-vomited command line hieroglyphics," anyone 
who's dabbled in trying to author DVDs from MPG captures (likely with 
frustrating A/V sync errors) would recognize the appropriate commands once 
a clean MPG stream was available.

 	<... and now back to your regularly scheduled rant>



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