[mythtv-users] NUV to DVD, at last!

Donn Lee sharky at gmail.com
Thu May 4 21:40:00 EDT 2006

I just noticed that there's a Myth project called MythExport under the
Google Summer of Code '06 program:


"This project will entail converting the nuvexport script from Perl to
C++, creating a new program capable of interfacing natively with
libavformat (and possibly transcode and mencoder) to export recorded
programs in a variety of formats, including DVD backups/burning."

With luck we could have a new 'nuvexport' tool this Fall.


On 5/4/06, Cory Papenfuss <papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu> wrote:
> > Well I for one would like to suggest that I would much rather read a
> > well-documented description of a mythtv-users efforts to help himself
> > and others successfully create DVDs from Myth files than your
> > overbearing, self-serving, opinionated expression of "the one true way"
> > that works sometimes followed by geek-vomited command line hieroglyphics
> > with no explanation of what they accomplish.
> >
> > But maybe that's just me.
>         ... and I'm simply clarifying that I have seen literally *dozens*
> of, "Hey guys!  I finally got it working this way!"... only to discover
> that they fundamentally rely on a *broken* underlying utility that cannot
> handle synchronization errors in captured streams.  The only reason it
> *appears* to work is that most captured streams do not have such errors.
> The "one true way that works sometimes" works more often than the normal
> method of demuxing with avidemux2, mpgtx, etc as posted by most guides.
> It just has not been tested on much besides ivtv-captures AFAIK.
>         Again... the procedure described by the OP is valuable since it
> uses tools that are *not* broken  (ProjectX) in the context of variable
> A/V sync.  Unfortunately, ProjectX has a trememdous amount of overhead
> (java-based), and rumored to have artifacts on cut streams (although I
> have not verified this myself).
>         As far as the "geek-vomited command line hieroglyphics," anyone
> who's dabbled in trying to author DVDs from MPG captures (likely with
> frustrating A/V sync errors) would recognize the appropriate commands once
> a clean MPG stream was available.
>         <... and now back to your regularly scheduled rant>
> -Cory
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